The Stonehill Benevolent Foundation serves to ensure that no resident of Stonehill Franciscan Services is turned away because of their inability to pay for services. Each year the Stonehill Benevolent Foundation subsidizes approximately $300,000 of the benevolent care of residents who require financial assistance.

Through appeals, campaigns, benefit dinners, and other giving programs, the Stonehill Benevolent Foundation helps to connect the caring individuals of the surrounding area with the special needs of our resident-directed campus. As a result, our amenities and services are state of the art.

Your support of Stonehill’s Benevolent Foundation has a significant impact on our ability to provide the highest level of quality care for all residents.

To contact the Stonehill Benevolent Foundation, please call 563.690.9623 or email

Stonehill Benevolent Foundation Board of Directors

Tim Conlon, Board Chair
Conlon Construction Co.

Sr. Marie Cigrand
Sisters of St. Francis

Sr. Helen Huewe
Sisters of St. Francis

Sr. Camilla Hemann
Sisters of St. Francis

Paula Friedman
Community Member

Daisy Bauman
Community Member

Danielle Gratton
Dupaco Community Credit Union

Paul Kronlage
First Community Trust

Richard Runde
Archdiocese of Dubuque

Pat Sunseri
Stonehill Auxiliary

Gretchen Brown
Stonehill President/CEO

Susan Feldmann
Stonehill CFO

Amy Schauer
Executive Director of Development