Speech Therapist and Older Gentleman

May 2022 Therapy Corner

May is Better Speech & Hearing Month!

This month we are celebrating more of our talented Stonehill therapists and their field of expertise. May is Better Hearing and Speech Month! The speech-language pathologists at Stonehill are highly skilled experts in all areas that a speech-language pathologist, better known as a speech therapist, can address.

Did you know that speech therapy is MUCH more than just talking?

While you may work on voice strength, speaking and other speech related tasks, speech therapy encompasses much more! A speech therapist is the trained professional that can help when you are having increased difficulty in areas such as:

• Finding the words you want to say during a conversation
• Understanding what someone is saying to you or needing more
time to process what they said
• Remembering daily events, activities, appointments,
medications or general information
• Thinking through steps to complete a task or solve a typical
situation such as paying a bill or making a purchase
• Understanding what you read
• Writing things such as letters, grocery lists, or reminder notes
• Being understood by others when you speak due to reduced
loudness or “slurred” speech
• Coughing when eating/drinking or feeling like items “stick” and don’t want to go down
• Stuttering
• Shifting or maintaining your attention during a conversation with friends
• Maintaining safety due to forgetting safety strategies in the home or forgetting adaptive devices frequently

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