Gaining strength and making progress as you recover.

Our team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists and wellness director specifically tailor therapy services and wellness plans to each individual’s needs and can help treat a variety of conditions, including complex clinical diagnoses.

Outpatient services include:

• Physical therapy
• Occupational therapy
• Speech therapy
• Cognitive screening for dementia-related behaviors
• Lymphedema management
• Wellness programs
• Training in our HydroWorx® therapy pool
VST Balance assessments
Cognitive Wellness assessments

Outpatient therapy patients also receive a 3-month complimentary membership to the Stonehill Wellness Center upon completion of their therapy program.

For more information on outpatient therapy, please contact 563.690.9637.

View the Therapy Services brochure.

VST Balance Assessments

Automated personal balance and gait assessments

Using VirtusenseTM technology, we are now offering complimentary personalized VST Balance assessments through our Outpatient Therapy Clinic. Within minutes, using artificial intelligence and machine vision technology, our therapists can analyze your fall risk through gait, balance, and mobility assessments. Following the assessments, you will receive a report on your fall risk as compared to others in your age range.

To schedule an appointment for a complimentary VST Balance assessment, please contact the Outpatient Therapy Clinic at 563.690.9637.



Cognitive wellness Assessments

Assess your cognitive wellness to determine a path forward.

Cognitive Wellness Assessments are standardized assessments conducted by a licensed speech language pathologist. They include a series of questions and tasks to help identify if memory concerns are a normal part of aging or something more. The therapist will provide a written diagnostic report which you can take to your doctor, and recommend interventions to regain or maintain function based on the assessment results.

To schedule an appointment for a Cognitive Wellness assessment, please contact the Outpatient Therapy Clinic at 563.690.9637.