“[Palliative Care] is an expression of the properly human attitude of taking care of one another, especially those who suffer. It bears witness that the human person is always precious, even if marked by age and sickness.”

- Pope Francis


Dignity and support through end-of-life decisions.

Palliative Care

Stonehill now offers Palliative Care services and has a dedicated Palliative Care Unit. Palliative Care can be offered at any stage of a terminal or chronic illness, and is not limited to the final months of an individual's life. Palliative Care is based on resident and family needs, not prognosis. It allows each resident to receive the appropriate treatment that brings him/her comfort and the best possible care. Palliative care can be combined with curative care or with less aggressive care. It seeks to provide relief from the five domains of pain that all persons experience when faced with a debilitating diagnosis and involves a collaborative team of caregivers.

Hospice Services

Those who choose to forego aggressive medical treatment can still receive a high level of comfort and care through various hospice arrangements. Understanding the wishes and preferences of you and your loved ones helps us align the resources that provide support through this journey.

We have partnerships with area hospices and work collaboratively as a team to ensure we are addressing any physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and physiological pain experienced when faced with end-of-life decisions and care.

For a tour or admissions information, contact Michelle Dura at 563.690.9655.

View our Palliative/Hospice Care Services brochure.