October 2nd Update

Weekly Update for Friday, October 2, 2020

Stonehill Communities is committed to keeping you informed about the on-going testing for COVID-19. As a requirement from from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Stonehill Communities Health Center is conducting weekly testing of all health center employees for COVID-19, in addition to the previous testing done following an exposure or when symptoms were present.

Stonehill Communities currently has one positive case of COVID-19 in a Health Center employee. This case was identified through weekly antigen testing on 9/30 and the individual is asymptomatic. Please see below for complete information on testing.

These updates can also be found at www.stonehilldbq.com/coronavirus.

If you have questions please contact Peggy Stockel, V.P. of Operations/Administrator or Matt Jahn, Director of Health Services at 563-557-7180.

Update on Guidance from the Iowa Department of Public Health

IDPH guidance was recently updated to align with the CMS Memorandum dated September 17, 2020. Please see the full report for further information.

If you visit the Stonehill Communities campus, please remember to wear a mask even if you are dropping off a package in the entryway or visiting outside a resident's window.

Thank you!