May 4 2021

This e-mail provides additional information on CMS visitor guidelines. As of today, May 4, 2021 Stonehill Communities is considered in outbreak status, per CMS (per CMS outbreak status is 1 or more COVID-19 cases in a resident or employee), as there are 2 positive employee cases. The employees are off work and following public health guidelines. We will send an additional communication when surveillance testing of employees and residents is completed. This is anticipated to be complete Thursday, May 6.

Revised CMS Memo QSO-20-39-NH addressing visitation

Highlights from the memo include:

Outdoor visits are the preferred method for visiting.

Indoor visits are permitted except during an outbreak. Visits will be paused until first round of testing is completed for all residents and staff regardless of vaccination status.

Compassionate Care Visits and End of Life visit are allowed regardless of an Outbreak. It is still important for us to monitor the foot traffic in the building. Please use this email address to schedule a visit: shcresidentvisits@stonehilldbq.com. In your email, please include the day of the week, who is visiting, the resident receiving the visit, and whether the visit will occur in the morning or afternoon. Please call your social worker if you have questions about visits.

Medical appointments – while Stonehill Communities prefers to transport residents, there are no restrictions as to who can take a resident to a medical appointment. As long as they return within 24 hours they do not need to quarantine regardless of vaccination status and minimal exposure has been assessed upon return. If both parties are vaccinated, a mask is not required while in the car but when in public a mask is required, etc.

Therapeutic leave or out of the facility visits are permitted, however, the resident will be assessed to determine exposure and quarantine status.

The Core Principles of COVID-19 Infection Prevention, outlined in the QSO-20-39 NH are still required.

We very much appreciate your cooperation and patience as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 safety precautions and protocol. Stonehill continues to offer vaccine clinics to new employees and residents. We are moving in the right direction and our goal is to keep our residents, visitors and employees safe.

Visitor information can always be accessed on the Stonehill Communities website at https://www.stonehilldbq.com/visitor-information/. Please note there is also an electronic message board inside the vestibule at the main entrance to the Health Center that will alert you if Stonehill is in outbreak status and state the current protocol.

If you have any questions regarding visitation or our ongoing precautionary measures you may contact Peggy Stockel, V.P. of Operations or Matt Jahn, Director of Health Services at 563-557-7180. We thank you for your continued help as navigate the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you,

Peggy Stockel
V.P. of Operations/Administrator

All previous updates can be read at: https://www.stonehilldbq.com/coronavirus/