June 26th Update

Weekly update for Friday, June 26, 2020

Number of Employees Currently Being Tested for COVID-19: 8 Pending

Total Number of Employees Tested (including pending): 58

Number of Resident tested for COVID-19: 25 all negative, no pending

Stonehill currently has no known positive cases of COVID-19.

Importance of Wearing a Mask on Stonehill campus

Stonehill would like to remind you that if you are coming to campus for any reason, such as dropping off care packages for your loved one, you must wear a mask-- even outdoors. This is for the protection of residents and staff who may be outside for activities. Thank you for your cooperation and ensuring the safety of all.

Other updates

We know it has been difficult to not be able to visit your loved ones. At this time, Stonehill awaits guidance from the Iowa Department of Public Health and Department of Inspections and Appeals on PPE (personal protective equipment) strategy before further decisions can be made regarding visitors. We believe on Monday we will have updated guidance and will communicate at that time.

We are also exploring bringing beauticians back to campus next week, as long as there are no positive cases on campus. If Stonehill would have a positive case of COVID-19 at any point, all residents and staff will need to be tested. Our team is working with the state hygienic lab to prepare for this if needed.