February 3 2021

Update for Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Stonehill Communities continues to follow the safety guidelines and mitigation efforts from CMS, IDPH, and CDC. It is our priority to keep you informed about the COVID-19 activity on the Stonehill Communities campus. Our thoughts are with you during this continued pandemic.

All previous updates and all information on safety and mitigation efforts can be found on our website at www.stonehilldbq.com/coronavirus.

COVID-19 numbers at Stonehill Communities for February 3, 2021

Number of Positive Resident Cases: 18 Positive; 41 Recovered

Number of Positive Employee Cases: 6 Positive; 100 Recovered

Number of Resident Tested w/ COVID-19 symptoms or Surveillance Tested (including pending): 139 (3 Pending)

Number of Employees Tested for COVID-19 for Symptoms or Exposure (Including Pending): 284 (3 Pending)

If you have questions please contact Peggy Stockel, V.P. of Operations/Administrator or Matt Jahn, Director of Health Services at 563-557-7180.