Family Visit Guidance from CMS

As we near colder temperatures, we have had a lot of discussions around indoor visits. We strive to keep you informed and wanted to make you aware that CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) has issued a Memorandum regarding indoor visits.

The full memorandum can be read here:

To provide you with a summary, indoor visits are allowed with similar core principles we are currently using for outdoor visits, such as; screening of all who enter the facility for signs and symptoms of COVID-1, hand hygiene, appropriate PPE, face covering or mask (covering mouth and nose), social distancing at least six feet between persons, etc.

In addition, CMS has provided guidelines to include the following

· There has been no new onset of COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days and the facility is not currently conducting outbreak testing.

· Visitors should be able to adhere to the core principles and staff should provide monitoring for those who may have difficulty adhering to core principles, such as children.

· Facilities should limit the number of visitors per resident at one time and limit the total number of visitors in the facility at one time (based on the size of the building and physical space). Facilities should consider scheduling visits for a specified length of time to help ensure all residents are able to receive visitors.

· Facilities should limit movement in the facility. For example, visitors should not walk around different halls of the facility. Rather, they should go directly to the resident’s room or designated visitation area. Visits for residents who share a room should not be conducted in the resident’s room.

Stonehill is taking a person-centered approach in evaluating our residents with their loved ones feedback, to identify when compassionate care visits are needed. In the event outdoor/indoor visits are on hold, we will need to make decisions that expand the reasons for compassionate care visits. With Flu Season approaching, this will add to the challenge. Please do not hesitate to reach out so further discussions can happen the best decision is made for all.

We will continue to do our best, and your support is needed and appreciated. We know life is not perfect. As humans we are flawed, so as we continue to weave our way through the upcoming days, let us remember God’s love and continue to have faith we will conquer this virus!! Please continue to watch your e-mail for updates on visits.

For all weekly updates and other corona virus information specific to Stonehill Communities please visit www.stonehilldbq.com/coronavirus.