August 5th Update

Updated for August 5, 2020

Stonehill Communities Health Center has had 2 additional Health Center residents reporting symptoms and being tested for COVID-19, as well as one additional staff member being tested. This change is since our last update sent on 8/3/20.

Stonehill Communities Health Center currently has one resident and four employees positive for COVID-19 and 2 residents and 7 employees of the Stonehill Health Center pending results. The complete current numbers for COVID-19 cases and testing (including pending) can be found below:

Number of Positive Resident Cases Stonehill Health Center:
1 positive (8/2/20); 1 recovered

Number of Positive Employee Cases Stonehill Health Center:
4 positive (7/28, 7/29, 7/31, and 8/3); 5 Recovered

Number of Stonehill Health Center Residents Tested with COVID-19 symptoms and/or exposure: 38 (2 pending)

Number of Stonehill Health Center Employees Tested for COVID-19 symptoms and/or exposure: 113 (7 pending)

There have been no changes to the numbers previously reported at Assisi Village.