August 21st Update

Weekly Update for August 21, 2020

We are excited to report that there are currently no positive cases of COVID-19 in a resident or employee at the Stonehill Communities Health Center or Assisi Village. All previous cases have recovered. For a full recap of numbers please see below.

Stonehill Health Center

Positive Case Information

Number of Positive Resident Cases at Stonehill Health Center: 0 positive; 3 Recovered

Number of Positive Employee Cases at Stonehill Health Center: 0 Positive; 9 Recovered

Testing Information

Total Number of Health Center Residents Tested w/ COVID-19 Symptoms (including pending): 41 (0 Pending)

Number of Health Center Employees Tested for COVID-19 for Symptoms and/or Exposure (Including Pending): 139 (3 Pending)

Assisi Village

Positive Case Information

Number of Positive Resident Cases at Assisi Village: 0

Number of Positive Employee Cases at Assisi Village: 0 positive (3 Recovered)

Window Visits at the Stonehill Health Center

Residents' family members have asked about visiting at the window of a residents room and we wanted to remind you about the requirements to safely do this:

• All visitors must be feeling well- no symptoms of COVID-19 and/or no exposure to a confirmed case in the past 14 days.

• All visitors must be screened at the front entrance before going to their loved one's window.

• All visitors must wear a mask- eye protection is also recommended and personal protective equipment is available at front desk.

• All visitors must wear personal protective equipment during the entire visit and remain 6 feet or more from the window. The window may be open.

• Residents are encouraged to also wear a mask during the visit.

Thank you for keeping Stonehill Communities residents and staff safe and helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.

If you have questions or concerns please contact Peggy Stockel, V.P. of Operations/Administrator or Matt Jahn, Director of Health Services at 563-557-7180.

You can view all corona virus/COVID-19 information and current policies at www.stonehilldbq.com/coronavirus.