August 14th Update

Weekly Update for Friday, August 14, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues in our community, we strive to keep you informed about any active cases and testing on the Stonehill Communities campus per CMS guidelines.The safety and health of Stonehill residents and employees continue to be our top priority.

This week began with severe weather in Iowa leaving Stonehill Communities without e-mail or phone services for nearly 2 days. Thankfully everyone on our campus remained safe. We pray you and your family are safe as well.

Last week we reported that all employees and residents in the two units where positive Stonehill Health Center residents were identified were tested. The test results are complete and all were negative. Since last week's update one of the positive residents is considered recovered.

Please see below for all numbers (no change since Thursday's communication)

If you have questions or concerns please contact Peggy Stockel, V.P. of Operations/Administrator or Matt Jahn, Director of Health Services at 563-557-7180.

You can view all corona virus/COVID-19 information and current policies at www.stonehilldbq.com/coronavirus.

COVID-19 Case and Testing Numbers August 14, 2020

Stonehill Health Center

Positive Case Information

Number of Positive Resident Cases at Stonehill Health Center: 1 positive (8/5/20); 2 Recovered

Number of Positive Employee Cases at Stonehill Health Center: 0 Positive; 9 Recovered

Testing Information

Total Number of Health Center Residents Tested w/ COVID-19 Symptoms (including pending): 39 (0 Pending)

Number of Health Center Employees Tested for COVID-19 for Symptoms and/or Exposure (Including Pending): 127 (7 Pending)

Assisi Village

Positive Case Information

Number of Positive Resident Cases at Assisi Village: 0

Number of Positive Employee Cases at Assisi Village: 0 positive (3 Recovered)

Testing Information (week of August 10)

1 Additional Assisi employee was tested due to symptoms this week, test results were negative.

1 Assisi Village resident was tested and is awaiting results.