We Want You to Grow

Career advancement opportunities

Our leadership is committed to providing you with growth and development opportunities to further your career.


Employees wishing to grow within their current position can apply for an advanced position tailored to their interests and skill set. These advanced positions come with opportunities to go above and beyond regular job duties including completing special projects or learning objectives within their department or career field, participating in interdepartmental committees, or leading process improvement initiatives. Advanced positions come with hourly premium pay and are renewed on an annual basis.


Stonehill encourages employees to seek professional and personal development opportunities. Stonehill believes that both the employee and Stonehill will share the benefits possible from such activities. Staff may request tuition reimbursement for job-related courses from an accredited college, university, correspondence school or vocational technical school. Reimbursement must be approved in advance. Reimbursement
will be up to $150/class for regular part-time employees or up to $300/class for full time employees. For those wishing to attain CNA certification, Stonehill will pay for the full cost of class and testing.


Additional educational and advancement opportunities are available for nursing staff in addition to on-site skills refreshers, mentoring, and competency education. See our growth opportunities.



Contact Karen in Human Resources by email or phone.